About the Artist Blue Heron Hair Jewelry and Hair Accessories

To see what others cannot and reveal the beauty within - that is what gives Blue Heron Jewelry and Hair Accessories' master artisan, the ability to create stunning, heirloom-quality pieces you’ll cherish and enjoy forever.

With over two decades of experience originating in the time honored trade of ship-building, Emily has the kind of eye for detail that can transform a rough hewn piece of timber from a mere kindling scrap to a gallery-quality adornment. Elegant women the world over proudly wear Emily’s creations and her work has been sought after by famous celebrities, showcased in feature films, displayed in art books, exhibited in galleries and seen on television.

In the serenity of her secluded workshop, Emily carefully fashions each piece of Blue Heron Jewelry under the watchful eyes of her company’s namesakes. A peaceful retreat, her studio sits by a tranquil pond regularly visited by majestic blue herons, their stillness and grace offering inspiration and insight.

The marriage of wood and silver, of gemstones and gold, is made real in Emily’s skilled hands and she individually crafts each piece to bring out the resplendent natural beauty of its original elements. Emily’s signature techniques ensure lifetimes of wear and only the best raw materials, gathered from sustainable forests and reputable sources, are chosen for a full line of accessories designed to complement every occasion.

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