Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry and Hair Accessories

Welcome to Blue Heron Jewelry and Hair Accessories where you’ll discover the finest assortment of dainty handmade gemstone jewelry, hair accessories, hair sticks and hair pins, and barrettes each as distinctive as you are.

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Crafted from only the most select materials, Blue Heron Jewelry features a symmetry of quality and style you won’t soon find again — from rare, hand-turned woods and hammered silver to singular gemstones and proprietary design techniques, each piece of Blue Heron Jewelry becomes a treasured heirloom, worn and enjoyed from one generation to the next.

We invite you to browse our full line of Handcrafted Jewelry and Hair Accessories. Whether it’s a simple piece to wear everyday or the perfect accompaniment to a special occasion, you’ll know at first glance when you’ve found your signature style.

Blue Heron Jewelry and Hair Accessories is led by the vision of a master artisan. Read more about her now.

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